User administration

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  • To manage local or Active Directory users of the NoTouch Center, select the user icon in the title bar.

  • Alternatively you can use Manage User List.

  • Add a new role on the Create Role tab – here: Eindhoven. Confirm with Save.

  • Switch to the Role List tab and click on the  icon of the role to be configured – here: Eindhoven.

  • Select the required rights for this role and confirm with Save.

  • In the navigation pane, select a group – here Eindhoven – or a single hub and switch to the Acl tab.
  • If necessary, give the new role Write permissions using the relevant checkbox. If you want to overwrite the settings of a higher-level group – in this case Netherlands –, then select Overwrite additionally. Confirm with Save.

  • Create a new user – here Hubadmin – and assign him the new role with Security Level – here Eindhoven. Confirm with Save.

Tip: If you want to delete a role later on, you must first assign a different role to all users who have been assigned this role. Then, on the Role List tab, select the relevant  icon and afterwards the  icon (top right).

For more information on user management, see the relevant Stratodesk knowledge-base articles:

Management user accounts

LDAP authentication (NTC)


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