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You will find the Tools at the top of the navigation pane.

NoTouch Center: Tools

The following functions are available here, which you can select using the tabs:


  • Use Tools Search or Manage Search to search for unassigned Hubs.

  • Simply enter an IP address range for the search. You can find the results in the Announce Log and on the Filter tab.
  • Confirm the entry with Execute.


  • With Tools Filter or ManageFilter you can filter the result of searching Hubs above.

Filter criteria can be used:

  • the Hub’s hostnames (see screnshot)
  • the names of the groups to which the Hubs belong
  • the Mac adresses of the Hubs
  • the IP adresses of the Hubs

As with the Announce Log, you can show details about the Hubs by clicking on .

Announce Log

  • With Tools Announce Log or Manage Announce Log you can see the last attempts of Hubs to announce.

  • Click on  to show details of the Hubs.

MKey Failures

  • With Tools MKey Failures or Manage MKey Failures you can display authentication failures.

MKey is an authentication key assigned to the Hubs when they first connect to the NoTouch Center. If the Hub transmits an incorrect authentication key – because a firmware update may have been carried out – the authentication failures that occurred are logged here.

  • To correct the failures, select the checkbox(es) of the Hub(s) concerned and create a new authentication key by clicking the Reset MKey Token button.

For more information, see the MKey Authentication article in the Stratodesk knowledge base.


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