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  • Select Manage Licenses.

License list

The license list of the NoTouch Center appears. The following license is relevant for Hub management:

Management Client = number of Hubs to manage

The following license information is displayed:

Installed total number of licenses available
Used licenses used by Hubs
Available licenses still available
Type Assignable = license can be assigned to or revoked from individual devices
Pool = license is assigned automatically
Codes display of the installed license file(s) or of DEMO for a test installation

Adding licenses

  • To purchase NoTouch Center licenses, please contact your ThinPrint reseller. There you can order ThinPrint Hub Enterprise Services device licenses.
  • You will receive a purchase confirmation e-mail containing a Transfer Code to order a license file from ThinPrint. To do this, fill out the Redeem form on the ThinPrint website and enter both the Transfer Code and the IP address of your NoTouch Center (which binds the licenses to the computer with this IP address).
  • Stratodesk will then e-mail you the .jar license file. Drag this file into the Drop Files Here field (see above).
  • This increases the number of available licenses at Management Client.

For more information on licensing, see the article Licensing of the Stratodesk knowledge base.

Tip: To release licenses, move unused Hubs to the Unassigned group.

Downloading the list of Hubs

  • To obtain a list of managed Hubs in .csv and .xml format, select Resources Client List.

Migrating a NoTouch Center

If you want to move the NoTouch Center to another server, proceed as follows:

  1. Install a new NoTouch Center.
  2. Create a backup/migration file from the old NoTouch Center (see below).
  3. Import the backup/migration file into the new NoTouch Center (see below).

Exporting a backup/migration file

  • Select Resources Backup/Migration Export to create the backup/migration file on the old NoTouch Center (file format: .zip).

Importing the backup/migration file

  • To import the backup/migration file, select the menu item Virtual Appliance (Container) Administration on the login page of the new NoTouch Center.

  • The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance console appears. Select  Backup from the title bar.

  • Select Restore prior backup or migration export.

  • Click Choose or drop a file from your computer and select or drag the backup/migration file to this field.
  • Click the Send File button to confirm.

Updating the NoTouch Center firmware

  • To update the Stratodesk firmware of the NoTouch Center, select the menu item Virtual Appliance (Container) Administration on the login page.

  • The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance console appears.
  • In the navigation pane, click Updates (left arrow), and then click Upload/update .deb package (right arrow).

  • Click Choose or drop a file from your computer and select or drag the firmware update file to this field.
  • Click the Upload All button to confirm.


You will then find the (new) version number of the firmware update at NoTouch Center→ Current Center version.

  • Click  NoTouch Center in the title bar to return to the NoTouch Center console.


Hub troubleshooting

See the Troubleshooting section for the ThinPrint Hub.


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