Distributing firmware updates

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Uploading firmware updates

  • To upload ThinPrint firmware images or updates from the Hubs, select Resources→ ThinPrint Images.

  • Alternatively, you can use Manage→ ThinPrint Hub Images.

  • Drag the Hub firmware image(s) or update(s) to the Drop Files Here field or click in the field to choose the file(s).
  • Click the Upload All button to upload the firmware image(s) or update(s) to the NoTouch Center.

The firmware images or updates then appear in the list of ThinPrint Hub images.

Distributing the firmware updates

  • All uploaded firmware images or updates (see Uploading firmware updates above) are only distributed to the Hubs if they have previously been assigned to a Hub or group, here: TPHub-675f8d.
  • Mark the desired Hub (here: TPHub-675f8d) or the Group Settings of its group and select the Administration tab.
  • In ThinPrint Hub Firmware, use the drop-down menu to select the firmware update and confirm with the Save button. Make sure that the Central Management switch is set to On.

  • These firmware updates are distributed to all assigned Hubs each time the Anounce function is called or after the Management Announce Interval time is up. Only the Hubs in the Unassigned container are not affected.
  • You can check the success of the update(s) in the menu Tools Filter.

If a Hub later generates an authentication failure, it will appear in the menu Tools→ MKey Failures.

  • In this case, select the checkbox of the Hub and create a new authentication key with the Reset MKey Token button.


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