On-Premises Hub Remote Management

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Using the NoTouch Center

Installing the NoTouch Center

Assigning ThinPrint Hubs or Personal Printing Release Stations

Creating printers

Global NoTouch Center functions

NoTouch Center group management

Managing Hubs

Central remote management

Starting with firmware version 1.8 it is possible to remotely configure ThinPrint Hubs using the (on premises installed) Stratodesk NoTouch Center. On this, use Network→ Remote Management→ Central Remote Management in the ThinPrint Hub’s or Personal Printing Release Station’s web console.

Menu Function
Central remote management manages the Hub centrally with Stratodesk NoTouch Center or ThinPrint Hub Remote Management

Note: If this feature is enabled, all other Hub console settings can be periodically overwritten by NoTouch Center settings.

Server address of the NoTouch Center or virtual appliances of the Stratodesk server (IP address, hostname or FQDN), default: tcmgr
Sync interval (in min) interval at which the ThinPrint Hub or Personal Printing Release Station obtains its settings from the NoTouch Center, default: 60 minutes
Synchronize now obtains Hub settings from the Stratodesk NoTouch Center immediately
Test Connection tests the connection to the Stratodesk NoTouch Center using the specified address
Save saves your settings
Cancel cancels the operation

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