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Certificates serve to authenticate servers and devices to each other, in order to estab­lish a safe connection between them. They may contain a key, with which the encryp­tion of data to be transmitted is made possible. These keys are protected by a pass­word, which is also stored in the certificate. The certificate received from the server now has to be checked for trustworthiness by the mobile device. To do so, it can use either the corresponding root certificate or the key of the server certificate.

Groups of used certificates

  • Certificates purchased from a public certification authority (e. g. Symantec or Comodo)
  • Self generated certificates:
    • from a proprietary certification authority
    • from Mobile Print server (self signed)

Types of used certificates

  • Root certificate: represents a certification authority (those computers that gen­erate other certificates). Root certificates are only for testing the authenticity of server, user or client certificates.
  • Server certificate (SSL): is used by the client to identify the server (here: Mobile Print server to an end device).
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