Updating to ThinPrint 10 or higher

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To update from an older ThinPrint version – e. g. ThinPrint 8.6 or 9.0 – to ThinPrint 10.0 or higher, proceed as follows:

  1. Apply for new license keys in the Cortado Enterprise Portal (free of charge for customers with an update subscription): https://enterpriseportal.cortado.com
  2. Install the License Server 10.0.2 (= 10.0 + hotfix HF2) on a separate machine. This allows you to continue working with the old version until the new one is fully functional. Here, install the integrated 30-days license key.
  3. Perform an update of the ThinPrint Engine(s) to version 10.0 and specify the license server.
  4. Perform a License Server update to version 11. Here install your version 11 licenses key (or older keys with their update subscription keys).
  5. Perform an update of the ThinPrint Engine(s) to version 11.
  6. Delete your old license keys and complete the letter of destruction, which you then send to ThinPrint or Cortado.
  7. Activate your (new) licenses and activate your users/user groups for ThinPrint, see Assigning a license to a user.
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