Reactivating license keys

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If a fundamental system modification has been made to a computer on which a Thin­Print license has been activated (e. g., domain change or installation of Active Direc­tory Services), it could invalidate the activations.

In such cases, the licenses remain valid for 30 days and must be reactivated within that time, using a new activation key requested from ThinPrint or Cortado. The system resets the original green (acti­vated) license key indicator to yellow (not activated) and Valid until shows a runtime of 30 days for this license, during which time the reactivation must be carried out.

Reactivation of license keys is also necessary if the software is to be run on a dif­ferent server (e. g., if the first server has been replaced), because the server will auto­matically calculate new registration keys.

In this case use Enterprise Portal. Under Admin→ Contact activation team you will find a form.

  • Enter here the license key, the new registration key, and a brief explanation why reactivating.
 Cortado Enterprise Portal – send re-activation request

Cortado Enterprise Portal – send re-activation request

Then, the new activation and subscription keys will be displayed in Enterprise Portal (for example in the Customer View).

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