List of license keys

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Demo or 30-days license key

To use demo or 30-days license keys, select Demo Mode during installation. The key is valid for 30 days. From version 10.6 the ThinPrint Engine installer installs a 30-days key.

Demo keys contain the string TEST. On this, ThinPrint Output Gateway prints a watermark on all printed documents. Example:


However, 30-days keys contain the string 30DAYS. On this, ThinPrint Output Gate­way does not print watermarks on documents. Example:


Productive or full version license key

Included with every licensable component (after purchasing). It can be activated1 for full use of the software. Example:


Registration key

Appears in License Manager of each type of software after a license key has been entered. Must be included with the productive license key when requesting activa­tion. Example:


Activation key

Sent by request. Once entered in License Manager, the activation key enables unlim­ited use of the activated license. Example:


Subscription key

Sent with the activation key. Includes information about the subscription period for the associated license. Must be entered in the License Manager of the product com­ponent. When the subscription is renewed, a new key is added. Example:


1. [within the first 30 days after installing the key]?

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