Installing License Server

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Technical requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later
  • Inbound port 4005 for license requests of other ThinPrint components
  • [Optional] Inbound port 4004 for external access of the ThinPrint License Management Console

Installation procedure

The following describes the installation using the installation wizard. Unattended installation is also possible (see Unattended installation).

  • Log on as a domain user with local administrator permissions.
  • Start the installation program, e. g. Setup_ThinPrint_12_Complete_x64.exe or ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe.
  • Select Install ThinPrint License Server if you use the bundle installer Set­up_ThinPrint_12_Complete_x64.exe.
  • You will be informed which components will be installed. Click on Install.

  • ThinPrint License Server readiness check opens. It may run for several minutes.ThinPrint License Server Readiness Check Readiness Check will show you if all installation requirements have been met (green check marks).
    A yellow dot indicates that recommended requirements have not been met: continuing with the installation is possible, but with the restrictions detailed on the right (see Details).A red cross (left arrow in previous screenshot) indicates an error. Click on Details and in the text box on the right you will see a description of the error and how you can fix it (right arrow). Installation cannot continue until this is recti­fied.
  • Proceed only when you have all green check marks on the left. It may be nec­essary to Cancel the installation, rectify a problem and then start the installation again.
  • InstallShield Wizard opens. Click Next.
  • Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  • Confirm the installation folder or select a different one.

  • In the next window, click Install.
  • Select Enter license Key(s) if you already received license keys from your reseller or from ThinPrint or Cortado. Otherwise select Evaluation Mode and confirm with Finish.

Entering a license key

  • If you selected Enter license Key(s) the window shown in the following screenshot will appear. Copy your license key(s) into the white field, as shown on the left in the next screenshot and click Enter License(s).

  • This causes one of the exclamation marks in a red circle to change to a check­mark in a green circle (above right in screenshot above). Click OK to continue.
  • In the Start Menu, open ThinPrint License and User Configuration.

  • Sign in with the same account that you used for the installation (in this example: LicService). Alternatively you can use the following link on another computer:


The dashboard will open, where you can see at a glance, how many free licenses are available, which types of licenses you have and the closest expiry dates of your licenses or subscriptions.

If the license server is unavailable at any time, you will still benefit from a grace period of two weeks, during which all users are able to print.


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