Activating license keys

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New license keys (of productive licenses) must be activated within 30 days. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log on at Enterprise Portal (Edge is the recommended browser here).
  • Select the license key to be activated and click Request activation for selected license(s), or Upload acti­vation file with registration keys for unattended installation.
  • Enter the corresponding registration key and click Send.
  • Then, the activation key will be displayed in Enterprise Portal.

  • In License Manager, mark a license key and select Activate in the Context menu.

  • Enter the activation key as well as the subscription key, if already available.

  • The license key (green) is displayed in License Manager with activation key and the Activated column displays yes.

The software can now be used without any restrictions.

You can find detailed information about license keys, subscription keys, about acti­vation and using the license manager in Testing software and activating license keys.

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