Accessing user configuration

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Management Console

To license users for ThinPrint, access ThinPrint Management Console from any HTML5 browser using the following address:


Alternatively select ThinPrint License and User Configuration in the Start menu (top arrow).

Role-based access

Access to ThinPrint Management Console can be performed in two roles; the admin role can configure, the user role is read-only. For this purpose, two user groups were created in AD-LDS during the installation of the license server:

  • ThinPrint Configuration Admins
    configuration; assigning licenses
  • ThinPrint Configuration Users

To these groups, individual user accounts can be added. The account used for the installation is already entered in the admin group. Where applicable, add users to one of these groups.

Note! Restart the IIS after adding an account to the ThinPrint Confi­guration Admins group (to ensure that users can be imported from the AD using this account).

Excluding users

Individual users can be added to the local ThinPrint Excluded Users group (see previous screenshot) to exclude them from being automatically assigned ThinPrint licenses – in automatic user activation mode (see Assigning a license to a user).

Note! In specific Active Directory structures – e. g. with one-way trusts or read-only domain controllers – maybe the license server can’t analyze the local group ThinPrint Excluded Users successfully. In this case the users entered there can’t be excluded from automatic license assigning. Please verify that the group ThinPrint Excluded Users works properly in your environment. Otherwise it would be best to delete this group.

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