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Deletes ThinPrint users and releases their licenses (if they are enabled for at least 28 days, otherwise they are blocked by the expiration date). This does not affect Active Directory.


Remove-TPUser -UserIds <Strings>

Parameter Description
-UserIds a list of AD users which can contain the following information:

• user account name (UPN)
• Security Account Manager name (SAM)
• security identifier (SID)

Example 1

Variable values are indicated in orange.

Remove-TPUser -UserIds [email protected], [email protected]

user5 and user6 deleted

user5 and user6 deleted

Example 2

$users = $()
$user3 = "ourdomain\user3"
$user4 = "[email protected]"
$users = $user3,$user4
Remove-TPUser -UserIds $users

user3 and user4 deleted per array variable

user3 and user4 deleted per array variable

Example 3

See Example 3 of the Add-TPUser cmdlet.

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