Opening Hub web console

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Open the web console and log in

  • Open the Hub’s web console in an internet browser. Do so by clicking the respective link in the Hub Finder (arrow) or by entering its address in the internet browser with https – thus, an encrypted connection – e. g.:

  • Accept the unrecognized certificate. You can replace this later with a proprietary certificate by using the web console to load it onto the Hub as Web Server Certificate.
  • Log in to the web console (see Password in illustration below).

    Note! If the login password has not been otherwise specified, then the default is: print4life

     log in to the ThinPrint Hub’s web console

    Log in to the ThinPrint Hub’s web console

Language selection

The web console appears. You can select a language at the top right.

To get started, please proceed with the configuration of printers.

Further options can be found in the section ThinPrint Hub Web Console.

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