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Here you can configure Pull Printing. If the ThinPrint Hub (resp. the Personal Printing Release Station) is configured for ezeep Blue (in the Azure cloud), then it works exactly like an ezeep Hub (parameter PpType = 1).


Set-TPHubPullPrintingConfiguration -Config [-Proxy ]

Parameter Description
-Config configuration specified by a variable
  • IsActive
Pull Printing disabled/enabled
0/1 = False/True
  • PpType
Pull Printing type
0/1 =  ThinPrint/Ezeep
  • JobHandlingMode
print jobs one by one or print all or as long as the card is held to the card reader
0/1/2 = OneByOne/AllAtOnce/PrintWhilePresent
  • Password
password set for the Hub (or Release Station) in the ezeep Blue portal→ Network Printers→ Connectors
-Proxy • optional (from firmware version 1.1): proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy


The following example reads the Pull Printing configuration from the Hub (or Release Station), enables Pull Printing, sets the print mode to print jobs one by one, and reloads the modified configuration.

$config = Get-TPHubPullPrintingConfiguration
$config.IsActive = 1
$config.JobHandlingMode = 0
Set-TPHubPullPrintingConfiguration -Config $config

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