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This cmdlet allows you to manually assign the card readers to the USB interfaces. Automatic recognition of the USB port assignment is only possible with the web con­sole.

Each card reader is used for authentication at a specific printer. Therefore, the card readers are distinguished by the printer IDs on the Personal Printing server.


Set-TPHubPPReader -PersonalPrintingID  [-UsbPort ] [-Comment ] [-Proxy ]
Parameter Description
-PersonalPrintingID printer ID of a target printer on the Persona Printing server (Illus. 01)
-UsbPort USB port to which the card reader in question is connected:
1|2|3|4 (Illus. 02)
-Comment optional: comment, e. g. the name of the printer in question
-Proxy • optional: proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy

Printer IDs in the Personal Printing server’s web console:

Printer IDs in the Personal Printing server's web console

Numbering of USB ports:

ThinPrint Hub USB ports


The following example adds a card reader for a Lexmark T650 with printer ID 4.

Set-TPHubPPReader -PersonalPrintingID 4 -UsbPort 4 -Comment "Lexmark T650" 

PowerShell Cmdlet: Set-TPHubPPReader

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