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Sets specific Personal Printing properties of a Hub; from firmware version 1.1. See also the relevant configuration in the Web console.


Set-TPHubPPConfiguration [-IsActive <bool>] -Config <variable> [-ServerUri <string>]
[-ValidateServerCertificate <bool>] [-PrinterId <uint16>] [-Comment <string>] [-Pin <string>]
[-JobHandlingMode <JobHandlingMode>] [-Proxy <string>]

Parameter Description
-IsActive enables the Personal Printing Client (1|0)
-Config Personal Printing specified by a variable
-ServerUri address of the Personal Printing server:
• http for unencrypted connections to the Personal Printing server
• https for encrypted connections to the Personal Printing server
In this case, a web server certificate that has been issued for the address spec­ified here (IP address, hostname or FQDN), and that can be certified via its root certificate, must be installed on the Personal Printing server.
-ValidateServer­Certificate If the server URL is specified as https, the Personal Printing server automatically returns its web server certificate.
• 1 = use the root certificate to verify the web server certificate
• 0 = ignore web server certificate
-PrinterId target printer ID on the Personal Printing server
-Comment any comment, e. g. the printer name behind the printer ID
-Pin Default user PIN for the Personal Printing server; this must also be assigned as the User PIN for all users using the same ThinPrint Hub.
-JobHandlingMode ONEBYONE: print the oldest print job stored for the user on the Personal Printing server
ALLATONCE: print all the print jobs stored for the user on the Personal Printing server
PRINTWHILEPRESENT: all print jobs will be printed, as long as the NFC token or card is held to the card reader
-Proxy • optional: proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy

Example 1

The following example reads the configuration of the current Hub using Get-TPHubP­PConfiguration and writes it in the variable $ppconfig. There, the comment is changed from test (top arrow in Illus. below) to HP Color LaserJet CP3505dn (bottom arrow) using properties. Finally, the variable is sent back to the Hub using Set-TPHubPPConfiguration.36410
For individual cmdlet properties see Get-TPHubPPConfiguration.

$ppconfig_old = Get-TPHubPPConfiguration
$ppconfig_old.ServiceConfigs[0].Comment = "HP Color LaserJet CP3505dn"
$ppconfig_old | Set-TPHubPPConfiguration or Set-TPHubPPConfiguration -Config $ppconfig_old
$ppconfig_new = Get-TPHubPPConfiguration

comment test changed to HP Color LaserJet CP3505dn

Example 2

The following example sets the Default user password from 123456 (top arrow in Illus. below) to 777777 (bottom arrow). On this, the parameter –Pin is used.

$ppconfig_old = Get-TPHubPPConfiguration
Set-TPHubPPConfiguration -Pin 777777
$ppconfig_new = Get-TPHubPPConfiguration

 PIN 123456 changed to 777777

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