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This cmdlet reads the SNMP settings for monitoring a specific printer.


Get-TPHubPrinterSnmp [[-Name] <string>] [-Id <uint16>] [-Proxy <string>]
Get-TPHubPrinterSnmp [[-Printer] <PrinterViewModel>] [-Proxy <string>]
Parameter Description
-Name printer name
-Printer printer determined with Get-TPHubPrinter
-Id printer ID
  • UseGlobalSettings
  • The values set with Set-TPHubSnmpGlobal are to be used.
  • SelectedSnmpVersion
  • SNMP Version 1/2c or 3.
  • Communitystring
  • community under which the printers respond to requests
  • Username
  • user name which should be used for authentication
  • AuthenticationType
  • authentication type (MD5/SHA)
  • AuthenticationPassphrase
  • password used for authentication on the printer via SNMP
  • PrivacyType
  • encryption type (DES/AES)
  • PrivacyPassphrase
  • password used for encryption of SNMP queries
-Proxy • optional (from firmware version 1.1): proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy

Example 1

The following example reads the specific SNMP settings of a printer. This is selected by its name.

Get-TPHubPrinterSnmp -Name "Photosmart C4700 series [5EA46D]"

Example 2

The following example reads the specific SNMP settings of a printer, determining it using Get-TpHubPrinter and its printer ID.

$printer = Get-TpHubPrinter -Id 1
Get-TPHubPrinterSnmp -Printer $printer

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