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Displays the Personal Printing settings of the current Hub; from firmware version 1.1. See also the relevant settings in the Web console.


Get-TPHubPPConfiguration [-Proxy]
Parameter Description
-Proxy • optional: proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy


Property Description
SeatName • (client ID for not yet implemented load balancing if more than one exist)
• can’t be set up
IsActive • enables the Personal Printing Client
• can be set up (True|False)
MultiServiceMode • (not yet implemented load balancing mode)
• can’t be set up
JobHandlingMode ONEBYONE: print the oldest print job stored for the user on the Personal Printing server
ALLATONCE: print all the print jobs stored for the user on the Personal Printing server
PRINTWHILEPRESENT: all print jobs will be printed, as long as the NFC token or card is held to the card reader
• can be set up (OneByOne|AllAtOnce|PrintWhilePresent)
ServiceConfigIds • (system-internal IDs of Personal Printing Clients if more than one exist)
• can’t be set up
ConfigId • system-internal Personal Printing Client ID
• can’t be set up
Comment • any comment, e. g. the printer name behind the printer ID
• can be set up
ServerUri address of the Personal Printing server:
• http for unencrypted connections to the Personal Printing server
• https for encrypted connections to the Personal Printing server
In this case, a web server certificate that has been issued for the address spec­ified here (IP address, hostname or FQDN), and that can be certified via its root certificate, must be installed on the Personal Printing server.
• can be set up
Pin Default user PIN for the Personal Printing server; this must also be assigned as the for all users using the same ThinPrint Hub.
• can be set up
CopiesToPrint • number of copies
• can’t be set up
DeleteJobAfter­Printing • delete print jobs when printed
• can’t be set up here; see the Put on hold option in the JobViewer
LangId • display language
• can’t be set up
MaxJobs • number of print jobs which are retrieved together from the Personal Printing server
• can’t be set up
PrinterId target printer ID on the Personal Printing server
• can be set up
RequireProgress • The Personal Printing Client request the information about the progress with sending the print jobs from the Personal Printing server.
• can’t be set up
UserAgent • system-internal denomination of the Personal Printing Clients
• can’t be set up
ValidateServer­Certificate If the server URL is specified as https, the Personal Printing server automatically returns its web server certificate.
• True = use the root certificate to verify the web server certificate
• False = ignore web server certificate
• can be set up (True|False)
ServerCertificate­Thumbprint • selection of a specific certificate according to its thumbprint
• see Certificates in the web console


The following example writes the configuration of the current Hub in the variable $ppconfig and issues its properties:

$ppconfig = Get-TPHubPPConfiguration

reading the configuration of a Personal Printing Client

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