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As of firmware version 1.16, you can also manage ThinPrint Hubs via the cloud-based portal of ezeep Blue. Enabling this feature is only useful if your organization also uses ezeep Blue and you want to manage the Hub via ezeep Blue’s admin portal.

  • To do this, log in to ezeep Blue and assign the Hub to your organization there.
  • Then check here to enable cloud management with Get-TPHubEzeepCloudManagement.


Get-TPHubEzeepCloudManagement [-Proxy ]

Parameter Description
  • Enabeld
cloud management disabled/enabled
0/1 = False/True
-Proxy • optional (from firmware version 1.1): proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy


The following example reads the cloud management setting from the Hub.


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