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Searches for printers in the Hub’s local subnet (see Find Printers tab)


Get-TPHubDiscoveredPrinter [-Search <string>] [-Index <int>] [-Count <int>] [-SortBy <string>]
[-Ascend <bool>] [-ShowHidden <bool>] [-Proxy <string>]

Parameter Description
-Search • optional: search filter
• corresponds to the function of the magnifier
-Index • optional: defines the page to be displayed when the number of search results is restricted by -Count
• 0 = first page (default), 1 = second page, 2 = third page etc.
-Count • optional: limits the number of search results to be displayed simultaneously
• in this case, -Index indicates the page to be displayed
-SortBy • optional: displays the printers sorted
• can be sorted according to: name (Name; default), manufacturer (Manufac­ture), printer model (Model), IP address (IP), hidden (Hide)
-Ascend • optional: defines the display order
• 1 or $true = ascending (default)
• 0 or $false = descending
-ShowHidden • optional: hidden marked printers shouldn’t be displayed
• 1 or $true = hidden printers are displayed (parameter Hide = True)
• 0 or $false = hidden printers aren’t displayed (parameter Hide = False; default)
-Proxy • optional (from firmware version 1.1): proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy

Example 1

Get-TPHubDiscoveredPrinter -SortBy Manufacture -ShowHidden 1 -Search HP -Count 2 -Index 0

 displaying all printers which names contain the string “HP”

Example 2

See example 2 of Add-TPHubPrinter.

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