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Logs the current user into the ThinPrint Hub
To achieve this, the administrator password is passed on to the ThinPrint Hub (see Web console).
To log out, use Clear-TPHubAuthentication.
To change the password, use Set-TPHubPassword.


Get-TPHubAuthentication -PlainPassword <string> [-ConnectorName <string>] [-ConnectorSerial <string>] [-ConnectorId <guid>] [-Proxy <string>]
Get-TPHubAuthentication -Password <securestring> [-ConnectorName <string>] [-ConnectorSerial <string>] [-ConnectorId <guid>] [-Proxy <string>]
Parameter Description
-PlainPassword plaintext password
-Password • secure string version of a password
• when passing a parameter to a PowerShell cmdlet, that parameter resides in memory. The secure string version does not store the password as plain text, meaning an attacker can’t easily find and read the bytes in the process memory.
• a secure string can, for example, be generated as follows:
ConvertTo-SecureString print4life -AsPlainText -Force
-ConnectorName passing Hub’s host name
-ConnectorSerial passing Hub’s MAC address
-ConnectorId passing Hub’s Connector ID (see screenshot)
-Proxy • optional (from firmware version 1.1): proxy server address
• can also be specified globally using Set-TPHubProxy

Example 1

Get-TPHubAuthentication -PlainPassword print4life

 transferring the console password (example using the default password, print4life)

Example 2

See Add-TPHubClaimEzpHub.

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