Using the Hub Finder

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  • Run the Hub Finder on a Windows machine. All the ThinPrint hubs located in the same subnet will be displayed – here For searching in another subnet (additionally) enable the Use Range Scan option, enter an IP address range – here to – and then click on Start search.

  • Select the URL of the relevant ThinPrint Hub (see the ThinPrint Hub URL col­umn in Illus. before). The configuration page opens in a web browser. If you are uncertain about the device selection, you can use the Identify option; which will identify the corresponding hub and cause the green LED on its front panel to blink for three seconds.
    LEDs on the front cover of the Hub: red = power is on green = identifies the device

    LEDs on the front cover of the Hub:
    red = power is on
    green = identifies the device

Devices Menu

The Devices menu offers the following options:

Menu Function
changes to the Settings menu (and vice versa)
Use range scan From = start address for a scan
To = end address for a scan
Addresses in range for the scan = number of addresses to be scanned
Start search starts a new ThinPrint Hub scan
Clear list on new search clears the list before scanning
Name • the Hub’s hostname
• a change doesn’t affect the DHCP setting (see illustration IPv4 SETTINGS)
IPv4 Address • the Hub’s IPv4 address
• a change doesn’t affect the DHCP setting (see illustration IPv4 SETTINGS); confirm change with Apply
• change is valid only up to the next system reboot
Subnet Mask subnet mask (of the IPv4 address)
Default Gateway default gateway (of the IPv4 address)
MAC Address the Hub’s MAC address (info field)
ThinPrint Hub URL the web console’s target address (see Illus. Installing the Hub Finder)
Identify identifies the device (green LED in Hub Illus.)
Apply saves changes of the current row
Read Only • padlock open: ThinPrint Hub can be configured here (following Illus.)
• padlock closed: ThinPrint Hub can’t be configured here (arrow Illus. below) – becomes active five minutes after a system reboot either once changing the password the first time (Change password) or once using the option Make ThinPrint Hub invisible for the ThinPrint Hub Finder (or Set-TPHubIsHidden) the first time (this behavior can only be reset by resetting the ThinPrint Hub to its factory default settings)
firmware version of the respective Hub
Apply Changes saves all changes
Close closes the program

 read-only mode after changing the password and five minutes after a reboot

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