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Note: Starting with firmware version 1.8 it is possible to remotely configure ThinPrint Hubs using the Stratodesk NoTouch Center.

Menus and info

After logging in, the following menus will be available on the left side of the web console:

  • Printers
    Target printers, to which the Hub is to forward the print jobs
  • Network
    Network settings such as hostname, IP addresses, DHCP and DNS
  • ThinPrint
    ThinPrint Client settings including Connection Service
  • Personal Printing
    Personal Printing configuration on client side and server side
  • Certificates
    Certificate installation for the Hub’s web console and for printing with the ThinPrint Client
  • System
    System settings, such as read-only mode, reboot, reset to factory settings, backup, firmware update, system time and logging
  • Versions
    Information about the firmware version of the hub, the ThinPrint client con­tained therein and the web console (or web frontend)

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