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The Enterprise Portal provides a convenient means to carry out license acti­vation. However, this is only possible for users who have one of the following views:

  • Customer View
  • Service Provider View
  • System Integrator View (accesses the customers’ licenses using View Details)

Distributors and resellers who want to activate license keys for customers, must first register as System Integrator (see Option Register as System Integrator). Authori­zation from the end user is required for this and is obtained as standard during the registration process.

Finding out registration keys using License Manager

To activate license keys you need their registration key. These must be found out using the License Manager – with ThinPrint version 10 and later on the license server. With all other ThinPrint components on the machine on which the software runs. On this, see Testing software and activating license keys.

Activating individual license keys

  • To activate individual license keys, firstly select them using the checkboxes in the left column (as indicated) and then click on the corresponding Actions button Request activation for selected license(s).
select licenses to activate

selecting license keys to activate

  • A pop-up widow appears where you can enter the registration key of the license key in question and, optionally, the name of the server:
 enter the registration key

entering the registration keys

  • After that, you submit the form. A message informs you that the submission was suc­cessful. The activation keys will be displayed later in the column Activation Keys.

Activating multiple license keys

  • To activate a larger number of license keys, the license and registration keys can be conveniently imported and exported to and from a text file. To do so, use the Actions buttons.
 importing registration keys

importing registration keys

  • First it is necessary to enter the registration keys of the license keys to be activated. So that it won’t be necessary to do this for each individual license, they can be imported as a .txt file. You can export such a .txt file from License Manager. For additional details, see the section Testing software and activating license keys. Simply click on the Actions button Import registration keys from text file (shown on the left in the screenshot above).
    This opens Windows Explorer. Select and open the .txt file there. The registration keys are then uploaded and will be displayed with the respective activation keys in the Cortado Enterprise Portal.
  • After the registration keys and the associated activation keys have been displayed in the portal, license data for multiple license keys can be exported simultaneously, to then carry out the activations in the License Manager. For this purpose, a .txt file with the necessary data is created automatically for your license manager.
 importing registration keys and activation keys

importing registration keys with activation keys

  • In the checkbox on the left (indicated as the second circle in the screenshot above) mark the respective license keys and export the .txt files by clicking on the Actions button Export registration keys from text file (indicated above in the previous screenshot).

The section Unattended license key installation and activation explains how to use the exported file to activate the license keys in your system.

Automatic renewal of licenses

See the Renewal of license subscription section.


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