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What is the Enterprise Portal?

The Enterprise Portal is a web portal, with which ThinPrint customers and distributors can obtain a convenient overview of licenses they have either purchased or sold.

It provides data on the status, on service entitlements as well as on the (service) runtime of individual licenses. The Enterprise Portal also provides access to the latest software versions of ThinPrint or Personal Printing product lines. In addition, the portal can be used for the following service features:

  • software activation
  • support requests
  • requests for non-binding offers for Update and Support Services
  • retrieving free license keys under the Annual Licensing (ALM) and service pro­vider models
  • destruction of redundant licenses

Note: Please also refer to the section Renewal of license subscription.

User groups

The service offered in the Enterprise Portal differs according to user groups.
A distinction is made between the following user groups:

End customer (user) of ThinPrint or Personal Printing software licenses

System integrator
External service provider who manages licenses and services on behalf of end custo­mers

Service provider
ThinPrint contract partner who uses ThinPrint licenses to offer cloud ser­vices for a fee

Dealer who sells ThinPrint licenses to end customers

Wholesaler who sells ThinPrint licenses to resellers

Official ThinPrint channel or OEM partner


The various service features of the Enterprise Portal are provided via so-cal­led views. A Customer View, for example, comprises different features to a Reseller View. A company can have multiple views. For example, a reseller who both sells licenses, as well as having a service provider contract with ThinPrint, receives the Reseller View and the Service Provider View. End customers usually receive only the Customer View, which contains the greatest range of features and services.

Views can be selected in the portal’s upper left menu list:

Reseller View (active) and Customer View

Reseller View (active) and Customer View

In the example shown (Illus. above) the user has access to both the Reseller View and the Customer View. The blue arrow indicates that the Reseller View is currently open. Depending on which view is clicked on, different features (Actions buttons) will be available.

Reseller View with Action-Button

Reseller View with Actions buttons

For example, the Reseller View selected in the Illus. above, offers fewer features (Actions buttons) than the Customer View.

Customer View with Actions buttons

Customer View with Actions buttons

The following table shows the features available in the different views when active:

Customer System Integrator Service Provider Reseller Distributor Partner
Software download
Software activation
Request non-binding service offers
Destroy licenses
Retrieve additional free license keys 1 1

1. provided Annual License Model licenses were purchased


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