Monitored processes

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  • Using the Add Process button (arrow), you can select a Windows process to be moni­tored and then generate a User-Mode Dump if an error occurs. If you started the TPDU without administrator permissions, then the admin icon will be displayed on the button, indicating that the function will proceed with admin permissions.
Table column Description
Process monitored process
Page Heap Enabled

Yes: Page Heap will be included in the Dump
No: Page Heap won’t be included

 File→ Re-scan or F5 information is rescanned

Add monitored process, with administrator rights added, if necessary:

  • A window will open in which you can mark the process or ‒ if it should not be active at the moment ‒ type it in (arrow). Leave the Include Page Heap option enabled, to include more information in the Dump file.
  • Click on Add to confirm. The relevant process then appears in the Monitored Processes list (see above).

Select the process to be monitored by mouse click or add it manually:

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