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If a monitored process produces an error (see Monitored Processes in the screenshot), then a User-Mode Dump is generated. This then appears in the Dump Files list (lower arrow). You can refresh the list with the F5 key.

This means there is no need to use GFlags (Global Flags Editor) from the Windows Debugging Tools. And, additionally, User-mode Dumps that originate from other sources are also dis­played here.

Table column/Context menu Description
File Path path to User-Mode Dump (file type: .dmp)
Size file size for User-Mode Dumps

 timestamp to uniquely identify the file
 indicates when the dump in question was generated

Open file location open the folder in which the relevant Dump file is located (file type: .dmp)
File→ Re-scan or F5 information is rescanned

Monitored process BadApp.exe and two resultant User-Mode Dumps:

Opening the folder per contect menu in which the corresponding .dmp file is located:

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