Collecting support information

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Note! The ThinPrint Diagnostic Utility requires administrator rights to be able to retrieve the necessary data from the system. Therefore, preferably run the TPDU with administrator permissions.

Generating the support information

In a support case, for example, you can collect in a ZIP file to send it to ThinPrint Support:
> the TPDU report
> the collected log data
> the ThinPrint Diagnostics event log in the Windows Event Viewer (in *.evtx format)

  • Select File→ Collect Support Information in the TPDU console.

  • Choose the content of the compilation. Click Collect.

  • Save the compilation in .zip format. To do this, select Save.

Sending the support information to ThinPrint

  • You can generate a support request on the ThinPrint website. This offers the option to upload the exported ZIP file as an attachment.
  • Alternatively, you can send the report as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected]

See also Creating TPDU report and Save account information in a report.

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