ThinPrint License Server

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A table displays all the license keys installed on the local computer plus, from ThinPrint version 10.0, those installed on the ThinPrint license server1, that have their address specified in one of the locally installed ThinPrint components. The license keys are sorted here according to product and by the location of the installation, e. g. Personal Printing (on Localhost).

You can also see whether the license server is accessible and when the last syn­chronization between the ThinPrint component and the license server took place. You can use the Sync with License Server Now button to start the synchronization immediately.

Information about the license server and the table of license keys:

Menu / Table column / Button Description
(License Server address:TCP port)

 ThinPrint license server address, as it is specified (tp-lics-05 in the screenshot) in the ThinPrint component (e. g. ThinPrint Engine)
 TCP port through which the ThinPrint component connects to the license server (4005 in the screenshot)

Status information regarding whether a license server has been specified and if it’s accessible
Last synchronization date and time of the last synchronization, providing one has already occurred (otherwise unknown is displayed)
Sync with License Server Now

 start synchronization between the ThinPrint component and the license server

 synchronization progress bar below right

Sync with ThinPrint Engines Now

 start synchronization of the license server with all ThinPrint Engines (those that are already connected with the license server)
 the license server pushes the license information for this
 synchronization progress bar below right

License Key license key (information from the ThinPrint license manager)
Registration Key registration key (information from the ThinPrint license manager)
Activation Key activation key (information from the ThinPrint license manager)
Valid license key valid or invalid (information from the ThinPrint license manager)
Valid Until period of validity of the license key, if it has an expiry date (information from the ThinPrint license manager)
File→ Re-scan or F5 information is rescanned

You can find further information on this in the documentation for the License Server.


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