Connecting printers to the cloud

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Connecting printers to the cloud

  • To publish printers for cloud printing with ezeep Blue (in the Azure cloud), that is, to be able to use the printers installed on this Hub also for cloud printing, select Network→ Cloud Connect→ Connect in the Print Hub’s or Personal Printing Release Station’s web console.
    The connection to the cloud will make the ThinPrint Hub act as an ezeep Hub.

Note: Connecting the Hub to the cloud or to ezeep Blue respectively and connecting the Hub to the Connection Service are mutually exclusive.

  • Your web browser connects to ezeep. Log in there.

  • If necessary, select an organization.

  • Under Network Printers you will then find the printers of the currently connected Hub. The hostname of the Hub is in the Connector column.

  • Continue according to the ezeep documentation.
  • The connection to ezeep is displayed in the Hub web console.
    Here you can renew the connection or log off the Hub from the Azure cloud.

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