Managing Hubs in the cloud

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Managing Hubs in the cloud

As of firmware version 1.16 you can also manage ThinPrint Hubs via the cloud-based ezeep Blue portal. If you enable that feature you can even handle ThinPrint Hubs which are located behind a masked network. An ezeep Blue account is required to use this feature.

  • Register at ezeep Blue.
  • Switch to the admin portal of ezeep Blue. You have two options to do this:
    1. You open the ezeep portal in a browser:
    2. You open the ezeep portal using the ThinPrint Configuration console:

  • Sign in and assign the Hub(s) to your Organization there.
  • Then select Network→ Remote Management→ Cloud Management in the ThinPrint Hub’s or Personal Printing Release Station’s web console.

Menu Function
Cloud management Hub can be managed cloud-based with ezeep Blue (on Microsoft Azure).
This is recommended if the Hub is located in a masked network and is not easily accessible remotely.
Save saves your settings
Cancel cancels the operation
  • Go back to the ezeep Blue admin portal (
  • To integrate the Hub into the cloud management, select Network Printers→ Connectors→ Add Connector→ Claim Hub here.

  • Specify the Mac address of the Hub to be configured remotely.

You can find this in the Hub console under Network→ Identification.

  • For remote configuration of a Hub ‒ after running Claim Hub ‒ click on the icon in the last column of the table (the web console of the relevant Hub will open).

The remote configuration of the selected Hub opens ‒ recognizable by the URL starting with… (where gw stands for gateway).

If a Hub has not been connected to the ezeep Blue admin portal before (see Cloud Connect below), it will automatically be assigned a unique name (because only its Mac address is known so far). If it is connected later, this assigned name (arrows in the screenshot) will be replaced by the original name.

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