Updating or uninstalling ThinPrint Client Windows

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Updating ThinPrint Client

Please note that previous settings are still valid when updating or installing ThinPrint Client on a machine where it was installed before. No printer information will be lost because it’s saved in the Windows Registry. Just install the new version of ThinPrint Client.

Uninstalling ThinPrint Client

  • Select Control Panel→ Programs and Features, select ThinPrint Client Windows , and click Uninstall.
Uninstalling ThinPrint Client

Uninstalling ThinPrint Client

Note! The Services configuration must be closed to uninstall a Windows ser­vice (here: TP Client Service Windows).

Repairing ThinPrint Client

Should ThinPrint Client Service Windows ever quit functioning, you do not have to reinstall it – you can repair it. To do so, start the setup of ThinPrint Client Windows again and select Repair.

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