Relevant entries in Windows Registry

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Registry entries of ThinPrint Client Windows

The ThinPrint Client creates the following registry entries, if necessary:




Name Menu item (ThinPrint Client Manager) Description Type Default value
Bandwidth Bandwidth Client-side bandwidth setting (bit/s or bps) reg_dword none
ConnAuthKey Authentication key  Value can be defined by the admin on the connection server; otherwise it’s irrelevant for the first logon, but may not be changed thereafter reg_dword 0
ConnMode Use Connection Service 0 = Receiving print jobs without Con­nection Service (Listen Mode)
1 = with Connection Service
reg_dword 0
ConnPort TCP port (Connection Service) TCP port for communication with the Connection Service; be sure: same TCP port number as Connection Service’s ClientPort reg_dword 4001
ConnServer Connection server address IP address of the computer on which Connection Service is running reg_sz
ConnUID Client ID  Client ID for Connection Service – an unambiguous ID must be assigned for all clients (TPUID) reg_dword 0
ConnWait Connection retry interval  Wait time for connection retries if Con­nection Service is not reachable (in sec­onds) reg_dword 300
DefaultState Default at server  AutoConnect defines current printer as default printer at server (Setup tab) reg_dword 1
PName_n Printer (Assignment) Name(s) of client printer(s) as read from the system settings reg_sz none
Port TCP port (Advanced) TCP-Port for communication with the ThinPrint Engine; must be the same as Port of ThinPrint Engine with a normal ThinPrint Port reg_dword 4000
PrinterClasses Choose class name Names of the created printer classes reg_sz PCL5, PS, TXT
PType_n Class (Assignment) Assigned printer class (n corresponds to n from PName_n) plus printer driver name reg_sz none
Selected Printer Current printer ThinPrint Client’s default printer reg_sz Use­WDe­fault
Send Properties Enable sending properties  AutoConnect option for sending printer properties reg_dword 1
UseWDefault Inherit client’s default printer  Set to use local Windows default printer as current printer  reg_dword 1
WatchPrinters Observes the printer folder and refreshes printers in ThinPrint Client immediately. Enabling/disabling depends on Enable sending properties. reg_dword 1


Name Menu item (ThinPrint Client Manager) Description Type Default value
AdminOnly Administrators only Restricts client configuration to admin­istrators only reg_dword 0
ConnKeep­Alive Interval for refreshing the connection; has to be lower or equal than Connec­tion Service’s KeepAliveTO (server side); (in seconds) reg_dword 60
DefPrintState Reload (printers) New printers in ThinPrint Client are checked immediately reg_dword 1

Available languages for ThinPrint Client:

enu: English

deu: German

fra: French

esn: Spanish

reg_sz enu

Additional Registry entries of ThinPrint Client Windows

The following Registry entries can be created manually under:




Name Descritption Type Default value
CachePrin­terIDs If set (= 1) the ThinPrint Client turns on the caching of printer IDs: Values of printers that do not exist (anymore) will not be removed from registry (see PName_*, PType_*, PUsed_* and PPort_*). For each newly added printer the list will be searched for a matching printer name to take the according ID. If no matching printer name was found a com­pletely new ID will be assigned.  reg_dword  0
CertName Name of the imported certificate (Registry entry CertName)  reg_sz  none

0 = use the user’s certificate store

1 = use the computer’s certificate store
Note: Permissions has to be assigned to the certificate (see the instruction Creating certificates for printing with Thin­Print).

 reg_dword  0
DebugFile Path to the log file (together with DebugLevel only)  reg_sz  none

Bit 1: log errors

Bit 2: log warnings

Bit 3: log information

Example: 7 = log all
(together with DebugFile only)

 reg_dword  none
HKCU 1= ThinPrint Client configuration is user specific saved under: hkey_current_user\software\thinprint\client  reg_dword  0
NewID Specifies the starting value for printer ID assignment  reg_dword  none
RmtConf IP address of the administration machine (e. g., with ThinPrint Engine or Management Center installed) from which the ThinPrint Client remote configuration is allowed. It is possible to enter more than one address (Remote client configuration)  reg_multi_sz  none
SetIDList Specifies whether changes in the ThinPrint Client (new printers, classes, etc.) should be applied when client is restarted
1 = changes are applied (printer list is updated)
0 = changes are reset
Note: The Reload Printers function has a higher priority than these settings.
 reg_dword  none


Name Description Type Default value
BlockProper­ties List of printer drivers to disable the fetching of the printer properties for (these native drivers will not be queried for their printer properties by the ThinPrint Client). The name of a printer driver must be on each single line. This list may be overwritten by settings from the GPO. reg_multi_sz none
BoundIPs Contains a list of IP addresses the ThinPrint Client is sup­posed to listen on. This is a White List, i. e. the client listens only on these IPs. Each IP address must be one line. reg_multi_sz none

Allows restriction of the ThinPrint Client GUI through GPO.

Bit 0: Hide GUI completely. If the bit is set (= 1) the tray icon of the client will not be shown.

reg_dword 0
StartDelay Time to wait after starting the ThinPrint Client (in seconds). During this time, the client doesn’t accept any TCP connec­tions nor processes any other work. reg_dword 0

Further information on the single entries can be found in Unattended installation of ThinPrint Client Windows.

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