ThinPrint Client Windows

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ThinPrint Client on local print servers

The ThinPrint Client Service Windows is installed only on local print servers where it runs as a Windows Service – in contrast to the other ThinPrint Clients Windows which are generally installed as an application. The local print server with its Thin­Print Client can be a real or virtual Windows machine with a server or workstation operating system.

A ThinPrint Client on a local print server can greatly simplify the introduction of ThinPrint because it can receive ThinPrint print jobs for an entire group of clients and printers, decompress and decrypt them, and then distribute them conventionally in a local network. Then the ThinPrint Client is only necessary on the local print server for this remote LAN. Otherwise, the ThinPrint Client must be installed on each end device: rich clients, printers, print servers, thin clients, etc. This could mean that with thin clients, for example, a BIOS update is necessary.

Even mixed environments pose no problem: The ThinPrint Client is installed onto all devices where simple installation is possible, and all others are served by the local print server.

Local print server with a ThinPrint Client (example)

Local print server with a ThinPrint Client (example)

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