ThinPrint Client Windows

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The ThinPrint Client Windows can be used on workstations as well as on local print servers. On workstations, the ThinPrint Client usually uses the network protocol used by this workstation for remote desktop or virtual desktop sessions – such as ICA, RDP or PCoIP – to transmit print jobs. For this scenario, see Remote Desktops – Printing via ICA, RDP or PCoIP.

On local print servers, on the other hand, the ThinPrint Client is installed as a Windows service, hence the name ThinPrint Client Service Windows (the same installer is used). In this case, print jobs are delivered from the ThinPrint Engine to the ThinPrint Client via the TCP/IP network protocol. The ThinPrint Client Service Windows can make the introduction of ThinPrint much easier for you, as it can receive the ThinPrint print jobs for a whole group of clients and printers, decompress them, decrypt them and then distribute them conventionally in a local network.

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