Importing certificates on HP printers

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  • In the printer’s web console, select Configure ThinPrint Client in the Copy/Print tab. Click on Import certificates. This will auto­matically forward you to the Certificate Management menu in the Security tab.
  • Select Browse (arrow).

  • Select the ThinPrint Client certificate file (it must have a key), and confirm with Open.

  • Enter the password for the certificate key (right arrow in Illus.). Check the Mark private key as exportable checkbox (left arrow), and click on Install to confirm. A confirmation message appears after a successful upload.

  • Then enable the Use Encryption option in the ThinPrint Client configuration (left arrow), assign the certificate to the ThinPrint Client (here: tpclient5, right arrow), and click on Save to confirm.

After you have also set up the encryption on the server side, you can start to send encrypted print jobs to this printer.

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