Connection Service

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Die ThinPrint Konfiguration ist im NoTouch Center zweigeteilt. Der Connection Service ist unter einem eigenen Menüpunkt Connection Service der Gruppeneinstellungen bzw. der Hubeinstellungen zu finden.

Menu Function
Connection Service (Slider) enables the ThinPrint Client’s Connection Service thread
Note: With disabling the Connection Service option and then enabling it directly you can trigger a connection from the Hub to the Connection Ser­vice. On this, see also the PowerShell cmdlet Set-TPHubThinPrintConSvc­Config.
Address the address of the server on which the Connection Service runs
TCP Port TCP port, over which the ThinPrint Client connects with the Connection Service; default: 4001
Client ID the device’s identification number, for logging on to the Connection Service
Authentication Key authentication key for logging on to the Connection Service
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